Charles Allen Du Val

His life and works

List of Works

The following is a list of the paintings and other works in oil, pastel or watercolour by Charles Allen Du Val as presently known. The years given are not necessarily those in which the works were actually painted, but are the earliest dates in which they have been found recorded. Additions or amendments to this list are welcomed.

LA : Pictures exhibited at the Liverpool Academy from 1831 to 1861, followed by the numbers given them at the time of exhibiting.
RA : Pictures exhibited at the Royal Academy in London from 1836 to 1872, followed by the numbers then given to them.


Miniature of a Gentleman (LA 378)
Miniature of Du Val, Senior (LA 739)
Miniature of a Child (LA 380)


The Lovers (LA 8)
Shipping (LA 114)
Portrait of a Lady (LA 196)
Portrait of Charles Smith esquire (LA 150)
Portrait of Mrs Ireland Blackburne and Child (LA 218)


The Terrace, Haddon Hall
The Idle Page
The Romaunt
Six portraits


A Study
Girl reading
Mrs Lee
Italian Boy
Daniel Lee
Scotch Peasant Girl
L Cooper
Charles Bill


The Outcast (LA 378)
The Orphan (LA 386)
Malvolio (
Sleeping Girl
Romeo and Juliet
Five Portraits ; or Three Portraits (1)


A Portrait (RA 705)

Before 1837

Miniature of Mrs Hannah Lumb [She was the aunt of Elizabeth Gaskell.]


Fishboy waiting for Customer (LA 245)
Kite Flying
Portrait of a Lady [Watercolour on ivory panel. Lent by the artist to an exhibition in 1865. (2)]
The Ruined Gamester. Originally called "Boys playing at Marbles". [A popular engraving was made of this painting. In 1842 an etching made by Charles Allen Du Val himself appeared in the North of England Magazine, accompanied by a poem by the artist. The Du Val engraving is a mirror image of the original painting, omitting and altering several features in the picture. Many prints were made, including a caricature of Lord Brougham that appeared in the magazine Punch in 1844.]


Daniel O’Connell [He was an Irish politician (3).]
The Methodist Centenary : 100 Leading Wesleyans. [Formerly in the Salford Museum and Gallery. (4)]
Boy and Fish
Little Red Riding Hood
The Giaour (RA 514) (LA 355) Exhibited 1842.


Portrait of a Young Lady Seated. [A miniature.] (5).
Portrait of a Gentleman [A watercolour.]


A Portrait (LA 525)
A Portrait (LA 597)
John Robinson Kay (6).
Portrait of a Boy
Portrait of a Child
Thomas Michaelson, in the dress uniform of a cavalry officer. (7).


Two Portraits (LA)


The Fetch, an Irish Superstition (LA 291)
A Portrait (RA 713)
The Drudge “but not for thee, friendless boy”.
Lady and child
The Reverend James Dixon (Chairman of 1841 Methodist Conference)
Thomas Milner Gibson MP. Now in the National Portrait Gallery.
Earl of Radnor
The Reverend Mr Massie. (Independent Minister, Chapel St Chapel, Salford.)
The Burgomaster
Lucy, daughter of John Renshaw
Henry Ashworth
John Bright, esquire of Rochdale (RA 446 in 1843). In a private collection.
William Rawson
Etchings in The North of England Magazine volume I :
Dr Dalton, from the Chantrey statue page 14
The Resident Pupil’s Supper page 35
The Genius of Mesmerism rescuing a ‘Slave of the Ring’ page 72
The Real and the Ideal page 72
Hulme Hall page 96
The Ruined Gamester page 29
Portrait of two children. Crayon signed and dated 1842 64 x 52cm). [[Offered at auction in 1998 by Lawrence of Crewkerne, Somerset.


James Healdof Parrs Wood. (A prominent local Wesleyan.)
Richard Cobden 12 September 1843 (Royal Manchester Institution 1845)(politician and anti-corn law Leaguer)
Thomas Perronet Thompson
Sir John Bowring
A Veiled Lady (watercolour auctioned 7 October 2005)
Rebecca unveiling (LA 161 in 1844)
Reginald, son of Edward Molineaux
Children of Thomas Woolley


Daughter of W T McGullan
An Old Gentleman with Long Hair (A pastel sold at Bonhams on 10 October 1973 as lot 128.)
Three Portraits
Sisters; head and shoulders portrait. Pencil drawing heightened with pastel colours, 52 x 37cm. Signed and dated 1844. [Offered for auction by Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood of Exeter in 2010.]


The Tired Messenger (LA 134)
French Fishing Boats standing in - Calais in the Distance (LA 153)
Juliet and the Nurse (LA 326)
Edward Worthington
P H Holland esquire of Manchester (LA 400 in 1847) (9).
Fanny, daughter of James Bellhouse
John Fenton esquire of Crimble (LA473 in 1847) {{Father of Roger Fenton.]
Marianne, Meta and Flossy Gaskel


John Hatton
W Torrens McCullough
Children of J Fenton
Andre, son of A Alliez


Florence, daughter of Charles Allen Du Val (LA 731) (Royal Manchester Institution 1858) Florence Du Val aged five years.
Robinson Kay esquire of Bury
Joseph Pollock
Emmanuel, son of S. Franghiadi


Nelly teaching Kit to read
Blondel discovering the place of Richard Coeur de Lion’s captivity (8)
Caroline, daughter of John Fraser


Portrait of Edward, son of W Rushton Coulborn esquire (LA 569)
Portrait of a young girl, head and shoulders wearing a white blouse. [Auctioned 22 October 2001.]
Edward T Bellhouse


Portrait (LA 420)
Portrait of children of Mrs Girvin (LA 424)
W R Coulborn esquire (LA 433)


Portrait (RA 445)
Portrait of a Boy (RA 930)
Portrait (LA 317)
Luther burning the Pope’s Bull of Excommunication at Wittenberg, December 12, 1520. (LA 251 in 1855)
Louisa and Constance, daughters of John Fraser


Portrait (RA 1124)
The Sisters (LA 76)
Portrait of a Lady (LA 557)


A Study (LA 576)
A Study (LA 659)
The Concertina Player watercolour
“Harry” watercolour


Columbus in Chains (RA 288)
George, son of G Smith


The Wandering Thought (LA 667)


Forgotten Vows
Recalled to Memory
Miss Marion "May" Ireland
Annie Ireland


The Dedication of Samuel to the Lord (RA 150)
Samuel calling down thunder and rain on the wheat harvest (RA 848)
Herbert Fletcher (LA 258)
Edith Fletcher (LA 259)
The Reverend N K Pugsley [Independent Minister, Stockport and Heaton Norris.]
The Orange Girl [Auctioned at Christies 19 Dec 2006 for £1,800.]
Portrait (pastel) of Frederica Fanny (Friede) Gill and Madeline Lucy Gill [Daughters of Robert Gill], as children). Elmbridge Museum, Weybridge, Surrey.
Portrait (pastel) of Mary and Eleanor Maude Gill. Elmbridge Museum, Weybridge, Surrey.


Hugh Fraser esquire
Edward Loyd esquire


Joseph Burch, inventor. Now in the Science Museum, London.
A Ghost Story (RA 147)
Moonlight on the Mersey


The Morning Walk (RA 544) (LA 125)
The Arrest of Christopher Columbus (LA 690)
Portrait (LA 738)
Rehearsing Private Theatricals - a Serious Play (LA920)
The Young Merchant
J.S.S. Yates esquire


John L Kennedy Esq.


Thomas Ruston (Rushton?) esquire of Bolton-le-Moors (RA 363)
Boy playing Marbles The original of The Ruined Gamester engraving and etching.


Portrait of a Lady (RA 427)
Mrs Frederick Wilkinson (RA 304 in 1872) [She was the artist's daughter, Frances Du Val].
The Daughters of R S Bond esquire
On the Llugwy
Portrait of a Spanish Lady
Lledr Bridge


William Fairbairn esquire LLD FRS (RA 434 in 1869)


The Story of Ginevra
Portrait of a Child

Fishing boats going out (RA 367) [Possibly Whitby fishing boats going out - Thomas Agnew].
Moonlight on the Sea (RA 507 in 1870)
J Rylands esquire


George Armstrong esquire
Fishing boats, moonlight


Thomas Henry Lyon esquire (RA 7)
Rowland Eyles Egerton-Warburton esquire. In a private collection.
Mrs Rowland Egerton. In a private collection.
Hough End Farm
Fishing boats running for shelter off shore
Mrs James Pender (RA 599 in 1872)


Scarborough by moonlight

Unknown date:

Self-portrait. In a private collection.
Madame Malibran
Miss Bowes
Mother and Child [Possibly the 1832 portrait of Mrs Ireland Blackburne and her child.]
After Proudhon, Justice and Divine Vengeance punishing Crime. [Auctioned 15 May 1991.]
The Flautist (Le Flutiste) [Auctioned 6 December 2005.]
The Reverend R Frost MA
John Brooks
George Stone [Formerly in Broxton Hall.] Oval,signed and inscribed label verso, coloured chalk, 58 x 43cm). [Offered for sale at auction by Bonhams in 2008 and again in 2009.]
Pet Bird (exhibited in 1874)
Edward Brotherton. [Now in Manchester Town Hall.]
The Hon. Charles Pelham Villiers. [Engraved by J. Cochran.]

Probably by Charles Allen Du Val:

Portrait in pastel of children of The Reverend Dr Beard
Portrait of J S Kipping esquire. [In a private collection.]

Many of the artist’s portraits, for example those of the Anti-Corn-Law Leaguers (Richard Cobden, John Bright and others) were afterwards engraved. In 1844 engravings appeared of his portraits of Sir John Bowring (linguist and traveller, 1792-1872), Joseph Brotherton, a reformer, 1783-1857, and Henry Ashworth (one of the founders of the Anti-Corn-Law League, 1794-1880).

Other engravings of the artist’s portraits (all published in the 1840s) include those of Charles Pelham Villiers (MP for Wolverhampton 1802-1898), Sir William Brown (MP for South Lancashire 1784-1864), Lawrence Heyworth (merchant and railway proprietor 1786-1872), Sir Edward Baines (MP for Leeds, newspaper owner and author 1800-1890), and Samuel Argent Bardsley (physician 1764-1850.

Charles Allen Du Val also became a skilled photographer, specialising in carte-de-visite photographs. An engraving of Sir James Phillip Kay-Shuttleworth published around 1849 is the earliest known example made from a photograph taken by Charles Allen Duval. The photography side of his business was in time taken over by his eldest son, Charles Du Val.


(1) In a list issued by the Royal Manchester Institution.
(2) Catalogue of the Special Exhibition of Portrait Miniatures on Loan at the South Kensington Museum, June 1865 (1865) page 281. The miniature was No. 3052 in that exhibition catalogue.
(3) This painting made Charles Allen Du Val famous and successful. It is now in store in the Salford Museum and Gallery.
(4) This painting was formerly in the Salford Museum and Gallery, but its present whereabouts is unknown.
(5) Sold by the Museum of Wales in May 2010 for £325 and purchased by one of the artist’s great-great-granddaughters.
(6) He was a very active Wesleyan Methodist.
(7) Now in the Dock Museum, Barrow-in-Furness.
(8) This painting was formerly in the Salford Museum and Gallery, but was destroyed in 1948 as being beyond repair.
(9) The subject was probably Philip Henry Holland, 1811-1886, a Manchester surgeon and writer who later moved to London and became an Inspector of Burial Grounds. He was a second cousin of the novelist Elizabeth Gaskell.