Charles Allen Du Val

His life and works

John Robinson Kay

A portrait of John Robinson Kay (1809-1872) was painted by Charles Allen Du Val and exhibited in 1840. Its present whereabouts is unknown.

He lived at Walmersley House in Summerseat near Manchester, and owned the Brooksbottoms cotton mill in Summerseat.

He was a very active Wesleyan Methodist. In 1835 he was one of the Bury delegates among "a large number of delegates from various towns assembled in a spacious wooden building called ‘The Tabernacle’ in Stevenson Square, Manchester, for the purpose of discussing the ecclesiastical situation, and of securing united action in the plan of reform which it was proposed to submit to the ensuing Wesleyan Conference" (1) which was held that year in Sheffield (2).


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(2) The History of Wesleyan Methodism (1854) by G.H. Harwood.