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William Cecil Kipping

William Cecil Kipping
Born: 1867 Higher Broughton
Died: 1908 Lancaster
James Stanley Kipping 1822-1899
Julia Du Val
Emily Victoria Julia Kipping 1862-1934
Frederic Stanley Kipping 1863-1949
Rosa Mary Louise Kipping 1864-1950
Helena Maud Kipping 1866-1949
Anita Fanny Kipping 1868-1955
George Herbert Kipping 1871-1935

William Cecil Kipping was born in 1867, the son of James Stanley Kipping 1822-1899 and his wife nee Julia Du Val. He was baptised on 21 December 1867.

William Cecil Kipping (left) 1875

William Cecil Kipping (left) 1875

The photograph shows him in about 1875 with his father and sisters Emily Kipping (seated in the foreground) and Helena Kipping (on the right hand side).

The photograph was taken by his uncle Thomas George Whaite, who had married his mother's sister nee Elizabeth Ellen Du Val.

In 1881 he was living aged 14, together with his younger brother George Herbert Kipping aged 9, at Knutton Vicarage near Wolstanton in Staffordshire. He was described in the Census Return for that year as being a visitor, but he was probably studying there under the tutelage of the vicar, the Reverend Ezra Thompstone.

In 1891 he was with his widowed father, living at 396 Moss Lane East, Withington in Manchester.

He died in 1908 at Lancaster aged 41 years.