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Ernest Henry Norbury

Ernest Henry Norbury
Born: 1857 Chorlton, Manchester
Died: 1935 Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire
James Craig Norbury
Susannah Anne Leason
William Leason Norbury 1853-1931
Francis James Norbury 1855-1929
Allan Frederick Norbury 1857-1930
Rosa Mary Louise Kipping 1864-1950
Doris Rose Norbury 1887-
Gilbert Norbury 1888-
Muriel Norbury 1893-

Ernest Henry Norbury was born in 1857 in Chorlton in Manchester, the son of James Craig Norbury and his wife Susannah Anne Leason. James Craig Norbury was a master printer of Withington, Manchester.

He married Rosa Mary Louise Kipping in 1885 in Chorlton, Manchester. She was the daughter of James Stanley Kipping 1822-1899 and his wife Julia Du Val.

His brother Allan Frederick Norbury married his wife's sister Helena Maud Kipping.

Ernest and Rosa Norbury had the following children:

Doris Rose Norbury. She was born in 1887.
Gilbert Norbury. He was born in 1888.
Muriel Norbury. She was born in 1893.

The family lived at Downthorne, Pine Road, Didsbury in Manchester.

Ernest Henry Norbury died in 1935 aged 77 years at Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire.
Rosa Mary Louise Norbury died in 1950 aged 86 years at Southport in Lancashire.