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William Edward Melland 1820-1904

William Edward Melland
Born: 1820 Alport, Derbyshire
Died: 1904 Middleton, Derbyshire
William Melland 1788-1837
Mary Holehouse 1790-1859
Eleanor Sarah Melland 1811-1881
Charles John Melland 1813-1909
Mary Ann Melland 1815-
Frederick Melland 1818-1911
John Holehouse Melland 1821-1851
Helen Hoyle
Hannah Elizabeth Jackson
By Helen Hoyle:
Frank Melland 1850-
Mary Hoyle Melland 1851-
Edward Melland 1854-
By Hannah Elizabeth Jackson:
Eliza Melland 1857-
Annie Melland 1859-
Helen Melland 1860-
Augusta Melland 1862-
Beatrice Melland 1864-
Millicent Melland 1866-
William Melland 1868-

William Edward Melland was born on 6 January 1820 at Youlgreave in Derbyshire, and baptised there on 6 April 1820.

He married twice. His first wife was Helen Hoyle, daughter of James Hoyle of Rochdale in Lancashire whom he married in 1847. He was a cotton and linen manufacturer and they lived in Manchester. In 1881 he was recorded as being a spinner, manufacturer, dyer and bleacher employing 800 Work people.

They had the following children:

Frank Melland. He was born in 1850.

Mary Hoyle Melland. She was born in 1851.

Edward Melland. He was born in 1854.

Their mother Helen Melland nee Hoyle died in 1854.

In 1856 their father William Edward Melland married Hannah Elizabeth Jackson, and they had the following children:

Eliza Melland. She was born in 1857. She was married to Robert Mellor, and they had a son Geoffrey Mellor born in 1891.

Annie Melland. She was born in 1859.

Helen Melland. She was born in 1860.

Augusta Melland. She was born in 1862. She was married to Dr William Thorburn MD of Manchester Infirmary. They had six children: John Melland Thorburn (born in 1889 and killed in action during the First Wold War), Millicent Eliza Thorburn (born in 1890), William Alexander Thorburn (born in 1891), Francis Thorburn (born in 1893), Margaret Thorburn (born in 1897) and Catherine Thorburn (born in 1899).

Beatrice Melland. She was born in 1864. She was married to Paul Schill who was born in 1869. They had two children: Mary Melland Schill (born in 1900 and married to Dr James Stephens MD who died in 1967) and Eleanor Beatrice Schill (born in 1904 and married to Charles Ernest Sykes 1899-1978).

Millicent Melland. She was born in 1866. She was married to Charles Henry Schill who was born in 1863. They had three children: Edward Melland Schill (born in 1891 and killed in action in 1916), Olive Beatrice Schill (1893-1959), Henry Hermann Schill (1896-1897) and Charles Norman Schill born and died in 1900).

William Melland. He was born in 1868. He married Caroline Mertian (born in 1873), and they had a son Brian Melland (1904-1971).

Their father William Edward Melland died in 1904 at Middleton Hall near Youlgreave.