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Sarah Pilling

Sarah Pilling
Born: 1784 Manchester
Died: 1835 Manchester
William Pilling 1752-1820
Jeanetta Anlezark
Elizabeth Pilling 1778-1849
Martha Pilling born 1779
John Pilling born 1781
James Pilling born 1782
Jennett Pilling born 1785
William Pilling born 1786
Charles Pilling born 1788
Robert Anlezark Pilling 1789-1863
Jeanetta Pilling born 1791
James Gregory 1783-1859
Elizabeth Gregory 1806-1872
James Gregory born 1808
Jemima Gregory born 1811
William Gregory born 1814
John Gregory born 1819
Thomas Gregory born 1821
Mary Anne Gregory born 1823
Catherine Sarah Gregory 1827-1895
Marriage Licence of Sarah Pilling and James Gregory

Marriage Licence of Sarah Pilling and James Gregory

Sarah Pilling was born 24 August 1784, the daughter of William Pilling 1752-1820 and his wife nee Jeanetta Anlezark born in about 1756.

On 8 August 1804 Sarah Pilling was married by licence in Manchester Collegiate Church (1) to James Gregory, who was born in 1783. The marriage licence is dated 3 August 1804.

James Gregory was then 21 years old and Sarah Pilling 19 years old. The bride was not then of full age, and the written consent of her father William Pilling to the marriage was given.

They had the following children:

Elizabeth Gregory. She was born on 6 February 1806, and was married to William Renney in St Mary's church in Manchester on 24 April 1825. He died in about 1832, and she was re-married to Charles Allen Du Val. She died in 1872.

James Gregory. He was born in 1808.

Jemima Gregory. She was born on 13 July 1811, and she was married to Leonard Cooper on 2 July 1832 in Manchester. They had three sons and three daughters.

William Pilling Gregory. He was born in 1814 and died in 1858. He married Elizabeth Wilson. Their son William Gregory was born in 1838, and he married Mary Hetherington. They had a son Arthur Gregory who was born in about 1864.

John Gregory. He was born on 3 October 1819.

Thomas Gregory. He was born in 6 September 1821.

Mary Anne Gregory. She was born on 23 June 1823.

Catherine Sarah Gregory. She was born in Manchester on 10 December 1827, and died on 6 May 1895 at Blackpool. On 22 September 1858 She was married in Manchester to Richard Hutchinson 1796-1862. He had been previously married and had two sons and two daughters. In 1861 Richard Hutchinson and his second wife Catherine Sarah nee Gregory were living at 75 Slack Lane, Monton, Barton-on-Irwell near Manchester had two children.

Their mother Sarah Gregory nee Pilling died in 1835 aged 51 years, and was buried on 30 September 1835 at Chorlton-on-Medlock in the parish of All Saints, Manchester (2).

Her husband James Gregory died on 23 January 1859 aged 74 years, and was buried in Ardwick Cemetery in Manchester.


(1) The Collegiate Church became Manchester Cathedral in 1847.
(2) According to the parish register the officiating minister was Joseph Birch the curate of the two medieties of High Hoyland near Barnsley in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The two halves of the benefice of High Hoyland formerly had rectors for each, living in separate houses, but the two medieties were combined when the two advowsons were merged in 1811. Joseph Birch may have been a relative of Edward Birch the usual officiating minister at All Saints in Manchester.