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Henrietta Munsell Eskildson Wall Du Val

Henrietta Munsell Eskildson Wall Du Val
Born: about 1812 Dublin
Edward Octavius Caesar Wall Du Val
Sarah Eskildson
John Edward Burghall Wall Du Val born 1805
George William Wall Du Val born 1806
Charles Allen Sharp Wall Du Val 1810-1872
Edward Padmore

Henrietta Munsell Eskildson Wall Du Val was born in about 1812 in Dublin, Ireland (1). She was the daughter of Edward Octavius Caesar Wall Du Val and his wife nee Sarah Eskildson.

On 22 September 1849 she was married to Edward Padmore at a register office in Manchester. Her address was given as Dickenson Street in Manchester. They do not seem to have had any children (2).

By 1861 she and her husband were living at 46 Sidney Street, off Oxford Street, in Chorlton-on-Medlock in Manchester, and she was still living there in 1891 when Edward Padmore died.

(1) Her actual birth date is not recorded in the manuscript scroll in the handwriting of her brother Charles Allen Du Val now in the possession of a descendant. From her age stated in various census returns, she must have been born in 1811 or 1812, although on the scroll Charles Allen Du Val put her name before his, which might indicate a birth year of 1809.

(2) No children are recorded as living with them in any of the Census Returns for 1861, 1871 and 1891. They do not appear in the 1881 Census, and the house at 46 Sidney Street is not there included. They may then have been visiting relatives in Ireland.