Charles Allen Du Val

His life and works

Gerald Shimwell Du Val

Gerald Shimwell Du Val
Born: 1870 Manchester
Died: 1898
Gerald Du Val
Catherine Shimwell 1844-1932
Allen Du Val born 1866
Lucy Du Val born 1869
Bessie Du Val born 1872
Blanche Du Val born 1875
Bartram Du Val born 1877
Denis Du Val 1879-1915
Pip and Bessie Du Val

Pip and Bessie Du Val

Gerald Shimwell Du Val was born in 1870, the son of Gerald Du Val and his wife nee Catherine Shimwell.

Gerald, known in the family as ‘Pip’, died aged 27 on 8th February 1898. According to his death certificate he “died from injuries resulting from an accidental fall from a window whilst walking in his sleep”. He was a private in the 1st Kings Own Dragoon Guards, and the family believe the accident happened when he was in North Africa.