Charles Allen Du Val

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Norris Cartali Du Val

Norris Cartali Du Val
Born: 1851 Manchester
Died: 1933 Rose Bay, Australia
Charles Allen Du Val
Elizabeth Renney
Charles Du Val 1835-1893
Julia Du Val 1837-1888
Edward James Du Val 1838-1923
Gerald Du Val 1840-1895
Florence Du Val 1842-1924
Elizabeth Ellen Du Val 1844-1925
Frances Du Val 1846-1920
Catherine Sarah Du Val 1849-1873
Emily Ann Smith 1851-1887
Charles Allen Du Val 1875-1937
Norris Du Val 1881-1913

Norris Cartali Du Val (1) was born on 27 January 27 1851, the youngest child of Charles Allen Du Val and his wife formerly Elizabeth Renney née Gregory. He was baptised on 17 June 1851 in Manchester Collegiate Church, now the Cathedral.

In the 1861 and 1871 census returns Norris Du Val was recorded as living with his parents at Green Hey Lane, Chorlton-on-Medlock in Manchester. In 1871, aged 20, he was described as a clerk in a warehouse.

He married Emily Ann Smith on 30 July 1874 in Manchester Cathedral. She was the daughter of Edmund Smith, born in 1851 at Todmorden, Yorkshire.

In 1881 they were living in 1881 at 2 Atlow Mount, Bury Old Road, Broughton in Manchester, together with his wife Emily and six-year old son, Charles Allen Du Val. His occupation was recorded as a drysalter (2).

They had the following children:

Charles Allen Du Val. he was born in Manchester in 1875. In Sydney in 1912 he married Helen Agnes Anderson, daughter of Charles Anderson. She died in 1983 aged 99 years. Charles Allen Duval died on 14 August 1937 in Woollahara, Australia (3).

Norris Du Val, He was born in Chorlton-on-Medlock in Manchester in 1881. On 30 October 1908 he married Margaret (Daisy) Sharpe 1881-1962 in Sydney (4). He died in Sydney in 1913.

Their mother Emily Ann Du Val née Smith died in 1887 in Manchester.

They emigrated with their widowed father to Australia in 1890, who arrived in Sydney on 22 December 1890 on board the Oruba. By then he had modified his surname to Duval.

Norris Duval travelled extensively. For example he was on board the Medic from Liverpool to Sydney on 7th June 1909. His occupation was then given as "India rubber" (5). On 1 October 1919 he arrived at Liverpool on the Aquitania from New York, having previously arrived at San Fransisco on the Ventura from Sydney. On 19 June 1927 he arrived in Seattle in the United States on board the Empress of Canada from Yokohama, Japan.

He died on 19 November 1933 at Rose Bay near Sydney aged 80 years.
Administration of his effects in England was granted on 21 April 1952 (6).


(1) The Cartali name may derive from a family living in Chorlton-on-Medlock when Charles Allen Du Val and his family were resident there. Chorlton was then quite a small Manchester suburb, still almost a village. Theodore Cartali was a Greek shipping merchant, stated in the Census Returns to have been born in Constantinople in 1822. (Greece was then part of the Ottoman Empire.) He seems to have arrived in Manchester in the early 1860s. Cartali is a rare surname in England, and the Manchester family seems to be an isolated instance. Theodore Cartali was apparently not related to the Du Val family.
The Cartali family may have originated in a village of that name in Anatolia, between Scutari and the southern coast: The Turkish Letters of Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq translated by E.S. Forster (1927) page 43.
(2) A drysalter was a supplier of paints, varnishes, dyes, gum arabic, glue, chalk, raw soap, and other unpackaged or dry chemical goods, as well as salt, saltpetre and other chemicals for preserving or pickling foodstuffs.) Norris Du Val may have been dealing primarily in artists’ and photographic supplies.
(3) "DUVAL Charles Allen of Brooksby 35 Ocean-avenue Double Bay Sydney New South Wales Australia died 14 August 1937 Administration (with Will) (limited) Manchester 21 April to Terence Sloan solicitor attorney of Helen Agnes Duval. Effects £468 14s. 1d. in England." National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) 1858-1966 (1952) page 899.
(4) "DUVAL-SHARPE.- October 30, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. George Chalmers, Norris youngest son of Mr. Norris Duval, of Manchester, England, to Maggie (Daisy), only daughter of Mr. Neil Sharpe, of Awanui, Rose Bay, Sydney." Sydney Morning Herald 21 November 1908.
(5) He or his sons evidently traded as Duval and Co. In 1917 a law report in the Australian press reported bankruptcy proceedings being brought against a ‘C Simmons’ by Norris Duval and Charles Allen Duval trading as Duval and Co. Sydney Morning Herald 2 June 1917.
(6)"DUVAL Norris of Rose Bay near Sydney New South Wales Australia died 19 November 1933 Administration (with Will) (limited) Manchester 14 August to Terence Sloan solicitor attorney of Helen Agnes Duval widow. Effects £482 17s. 1d. in England." National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) 1858-1966 (1952) page 899.