Charles Allen Du Val

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Julius Wall

Julius Wall
Born: 1694
Edward Wall
Elizabeth O'Neal
Ann Andrews married 1730
Elizabeth Wall 1731-1731
Edward Wall 1732-1735
William Wall 1736-1739
John Wall Du Val born probably in 1738
Ursilla Agnes Wall born 1739
Dinny Wall 1741-1747
Maynard Wall 1742-1743
Barry Wall 1743-1743
Allen Wall born 1744

Julius Wall was born on 10 September 1694 (old style), the only son of Edward Wall esquire and his wife nee Elizabeth O'Neal, daughter of Sir Charles O’Neal, baronet.

In 1730 he married Ann Andrews, daughter of Allen and Mary Andrews of the city of Cork.

They had the following children:

Elizabeth Wall. She was born on 1 August 1731, and died in the same year.
Edward Wall. He was born on 10 October 1732 and died aged two years and five months in 1735.
William Wall. He was born on 21 October 1736, and died aged three years in 1739.
John Wall Du Val. He was probably born in 1738.
Urcilla Agnes Wall. She was born on 3 October 1739.
Dinny Wall born 14 February 1741 and died aged six years in 1747
Maynard Wall born 6 June 1742, and died aged one year and six months in 1743.
Barry Wall. He was born 31 May 1743, died aged three months in 1743.
Allen Wall. He was born on 25 April 1744. He married and had two sons, both of whom joined the Navy.

"It is recorded in the family of the aforesaid Julius ... that he being a youth of extraordinary valour and martial spirit was at the tender age of 15 taken by his father the above mentioned Edward Wall into a fierce and bloody action, when the said Edward after fighting valiantly for some time fell by the hand of a cavalier, his son Julius having been previously unhorsed in the fury of battle and during the main press on, his sword still reeking with the blood of the fallen warrior, vaulted into his Father’s empty saddle and pursued with irresistible impetuosity the victor, through many vicissitudes of the fight he tracked his course with the eye of filial vengeance, till he shot him to the heart" (1).


(1) "Copied from a bible printed in 1638, the property of John Wall Du Vall of Hatton House, Hatton Garden, London, by me, Charles Allen Wall du Val of Green Hill, Green Heys, Manchester, 1853". Copied into a scroll now in the possession of a family descendant.